Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hosting Visiting Family? Give Them 1 of 2 Historic Downtown LA Walking Tours This Weekend Or Next. Or - If You're Not Traveling for the Holiday - Travel Back to 19th & Early 20th Century Downtown Los Angeles for Your Trip!

After a two month hiatus - due to my volunteering to organize and shelve the... 100,000 one dollar books...... on the second floor LABYRINTH of The Last Bookstore....

12 hours a day 7 days a week - I am now taking 2 hours off from work Saturday and Sunday mornings to resume my original walking tour of Historic Downtown Los Angeles or as it is better known...

... The Secret Lives of Historic Downtown Los Angeles...

Each 2 hour tour will start at 11 AM from The Last Bookstore at the Spring Arts Tower - 453 S. Spring Street at 5th and Spring - Saturday and Sunday starting this November 24th and 25th and next weekend on October 1st and 2nd and the cost is still only $15 per person.

There will also free tours of the LABYRINTH for anyone 30 minutes before and after each walking tour and then on Sundays - you will also be able to attend the Historic Downtown LA's Farmer's Market where you can have breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Plus on these tours you will not only see the historic buildings of the area...

... but also hear the long forgotten stories of those who built them and lived and worked in them.

You will learn how Los Angeles changed baseball history forever at 5th and Main and find out what Wyatt Earp was doing in Downtown La in the 1860's - and the 1920'S - and all the decades in between. You will also see the places where Charlie Chaplin lived when he made his early films (and the place where he made his Los Angeles theatrical debut in 1910) - and where he shot his first film.  And if you have particular interests - let us know and we'll add some new features onto the tour.

Also on the tour will be where the first new lofts were opened, where Gallery Row and the Art Walk were started along with many of the new boutiques, designer showrooms and stores that have recently opened in the area along with getting a sneak preview of what will soon be happening in the area.

So for reservations - either email Brady Westwater at - or call me at 213-804-8396.

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